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April 28, 2008



As rare as coach ejections are, I've witnessed them in person twice in the last three years, one of them resulting in a forfeit because there was no other coach present to direct the team. I don't think I have a problem with the fine, but if I were an AD and the coach acted foolishly enough to get tossed from the game, then he would be coughing up the $$$ out of his own pocket.

As far as eliminating the superintendent's agreement, I'm all for that. The sheer number of such requests that the OHSAA has received strongly suggests that they're not being utilized for their original intent.

doesn't have a clue

The fine thing is not that great of an idea. I agree that it's the parents and kids acting up the most at least in this neck of the woods. In basketball, a coach that gets T'd can't even get off the bench the rest of the game, so it's pretty hard to get the boot. I see ejections happening because of officials having a ongoing feud with a coach or an overzealous referee that has rabbit ears. OHSAA is just trying to make more money, which isn't the idea behind non-profits.

anon e. mouse

Back in my sportswriting days I covered a boarding school for the Christian Science religion that attracted students from all over the world. Those kids were eligible and there was never a problem. Another school was run by Franciscan monks and boarded a few international students. Trust me, these types of schools aren't going to draw the next Hakeem Olajawon. That kind of kid, if he comes to the U.S., will go to the Oak Hill-type of school that is essentially a sports academy.

Josh M

Can someone explain the foreign exchange student rule to me? I'm reading that they're trying to pass an amendment that a student can live at the school and not with parents? Or is it about a FE student going to a private school?

As far as the fine rule, I think that'd be a bad thing, I think.... I'm still not sure about that.


Do not like the $100 fine rule. I don't see a influx of coaches being ejected. In fact, I'm not sure I've heard of any coaches being ejected recently in any sports. If anything I think fan behavior has gotten worse over the years. And it's not just the overzealous parents, it's the kids.
I'm all for anything to keep kids from moving from school to school. Stay put and get along.
Finally, I don't know what you mean with the boarding schools. Do you mean that the 7'0" kid from the Sudan can come and live at your school and play basketball? I think you're opening a big can of worms passing that.


Do not agree with either. Ejections can be subjective. Gilmour Academy needs foreign recruits too. Give me a break.

Is there an appeal process for the fine?

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