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March 20, 2009



First of all not bitter.Better team won because of the talent they have which comes from recruiting.Deserve to win? Please. But Regina is hardly the only one that does it. There are some public schools that recruit as well. Problem is the state boys do nothing about it and stick their heads into the sand and it will never change. But hey, when you do beat them it's all that much sweeter.

Do not even compare the Findlay back to LB comparison to what a school like Regina does. And by the way Findlay offers much more academics then LB does.


What academic reasons would she attend Findlay and not LB?? I had heard that she had a parent that coached at Findlay (just what I had heard could be wrong). I know that Findlay has struggled a little bit the past couple of years and LB was about one player away from being very good before she came. I am not saying that anything wrong was done, but it just seems like an interesting situation especially with a team that is complaining about losing to a team that has a bunch of transfers. People who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones....right??


Okay, Liberty-Benton lost. It's over and you are still bitter about it. Look towards next season. Face it: the other team was better and they deserved to win.


The LB player who played at Findlay LIVES in the LB school district. She went to Findlay for academic reason and returned to LB for her junior and senior year.

Mr. T

Didn't LB have a player this year that played for Findlay last year? Maybe Regina recruits, or maybe players just want to go their to get recognition because of the success of the program. They haven't won state the past two years so if they full out recuit then their not the best at it.


They don't need to recruit their school district has no boundary, they can draw from any county or state.


Hey Hooper, They DO recruit, they have been doing it for years and just recently were investigated for having a player play in a Rec league game while the season was going on. By the way another coach in their area turned them in. But of course, things get swept under the rug.
And I am a LB fan and our girls did a great job this year and have much talent returning. Playing field is not level when these schools are allowed to do what they do.


OK do you have evidence that they recruit? If so turn them in to the OHSAA. If not you just sound like a bitter L-B fan. Didn't Versailles beat them last year?


And when you play a school that recruits every year and gets away with it, how are you suppose to score more then 7 points in a half. The boys in Columbus who are in charge of Ohio high school sports are a total bunch of idiots.

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