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September 26, 2009


PH Football

Good luck in your next endeavor. We've enjoyed your time and articles over the years.


My Heiman memory:
Old Fort vs. Patrick Henry at Elida on a Wednesday night. They were the second game, and the first game went the full five. Old Fort took the first two, and went up 17-12.
"We may be out of here by 10," Buster said.
I almost hit him for jinxing us. PH came back to win, won the fourth game and then the Stockaders won the fifth to end it somewhere around 11 p.m.
"You know, I hold you responsible for this," I told him.


Enough with the's time to come over to the world of football officiating!!!!

Shannon N.

Good Luck from Leipsic and ODU. We appreciated your attention to BVC and PCL sports over the years. (Tell Maddy "Good Luck" too).

Rick Hutton

Good luck Buster. Im sure Dave set this up so he has a chance to win the football picks.

Pat The Mailman

I don't know what your career change is, but I may know your feelings as well as anyone. Best of luck. You're a great writer and you've been a real good, long-distance friend. My advice to you -- be a stringer some place. The paper will benefit a great deal from your expertise and you'll keep an attachment to something I know you love.


Good Luck from Grove! We'll miss you Mark.

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