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July 01, 2010


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Ack, I missed going to Mitchell's on my last visit to SF (but I did make it to Bi-Rite). Congrats on home ownership--that's fantastic!

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Una tendencia miedo se le ocurre a nivel local. No necesariamente en Findlay High, donde estoy seguro de que tiene que cortar los jugadores de los equipos. En muchos de los más pequeños, las Escuelas del Condado, el corte es casi inaudito más.

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According to the article, there were 17 available spots on the team. More than 70 players tried out.


A scary trend is happening her locally. Not necessarily at Findlay High, where I'm sure they have to cut players from teams. In many of the smaller, county schools, cutting is nearly unheard of anymore. In fact, some programs are struggling to field JV programs because kids just don't go out anymore. You would think with kids from grades 9-12, it would be easy have 20-25 kids out for every sport, about 5-6 per grade. But most of the local county high schools don't field JV baseball or softball teams anymore.

(The real) John

You only cover us when we're cut from a team and sue them. :)

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