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I go to a private Christian school. There are already basketball, baseball/softball, volleyball, and football teams. I know about five people that would definitely join the team (given the opportunity). I am confident that there are enough students at my school who would be willing to play, but I want to get everything "organized" with the principal and sports director before I get their hopes up.

Scott Bartlett

Do you have the Week 10 Updates for the GBC Football Statistics?


Does anyone have the BVC individual stats for 2007 and/or 2006?

Where's Westenbarger's stats for McComb??????

BVC Team Stats are still from week 3. The Individual Stats are updated.

Ever try pasting pdf into Excel? Didn't think so...

Star 22-2

Cut and paste into excel if you need to sort. geez. PDFs are more compatable format to work with.

anon e. mouse

I vote for keeping pdf files. Acrobat Reader is free and I'm too cheap to spring for Microsoft Office!

Oh now you went and did it. Give me back my Excel files. .pdf files are great for looking at but once you get the data in Excel you can sort and manipulate it different ways. Booooo

We'll give PDFs a try...

Star 22-2

If only they knew that there are free .PDF print drivers out there, they could print these in .PDF file formats so everyone could see (without lining Microsoft's pocket) :)

darn .xls files! Is somebody getting kickbacks from whoever makes excel?


Sorry posted too quick.

Data for coaches is old (2004 and on missing) in All-Time BVC Football Scores & Records


Noticed data for coaches is old, missing 2004 on.

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