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July 30, 2007


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Grant Russel

I sure hope it becomes a 'cash cow'. A 'cash cow' is a project that generates large amounts of surplus cash. If memory serves me correctly, the term was coined by the Boston Consulting Group many years ago. I believe the biggest threat to a 'cash cow' is complacency - which is funny because 'complacency' seems to be one of the biggest threats to Findlay today.

thomas w brown

This area was a dump,in the 1960's,yes a trash dump.I have seen junk tires stored there which the flood floated into the river. leafs and tree stumps,were piled there,this area floods with great frequency.Why would any one build any thing in a flood plain ? And a area that all ready has a building sinking since it was built ?The streets are to small to support traffic,what a cash cow this project will become.

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