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August 22, 2008


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Former resident of Findlay, ohio

Hello, Findlay residents and officials, and I read with certain interest how people were heroes - and that was good for them, and for Findlay, in general. Still, as I wrote a year ago, Findlay does not seem to want to admit that their officials waited far too long to do much of anything ahead of time. It was well known, around the year 2000 or so, that something like this horrible event could happen. I moved into town in 2001, and couldn't get over how the information was well-publicized in The Courier, and yet the town's government couldn't seem to use the seniority of then Congressman Oxley's influence. And as I wrote before, I imagine he could have gotten a lot done about potential - which became actual - flooding problems. But, go ahead, pat yourselves on the back, as you always seem want to do.

Amazing idiocy, not Grace.

Ben Franklin, I believe it was, stated, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

city worker

thats good .. did they get overtime pay ??????

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