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September 21, 2009



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hard to port

So the logical conclusion that can be drawn from the “earth has gotten cooler the last 10 years” is that when the earth warms up the polar caps will increase in size and there will be growth in glaciers. Is this the logic? My question is based on (“a picture is worth a thousand words”) satellite photos showing the decrease in ice coverage around the globe.

mark phillips

the cophenhagen convention is nothing but a way to get the US to become the money man here and allow other countrys to tell us how to spend our money. they get the results we get the bill. president obama needs to say no to this treaty too. there is no global warming, since the earth has gotten cooler the last 10 years. its time to focus on the usa not the rest of the world.

Hard To Port

I did not know the “Flat Earther’s” could comprehend that they are not at the center of the Earth, let alone Global Warming. After all a lot of them believe the earth is only 6,000 years old. How could man effect the environment? This question I hear a lot. They have no comprehension of Agent Orange, or what 100 megatons is. So let them alone in their little self- centered bubble. Go for it China you are light years ahead of us!!

Kenneth Jenkins

Now America will have to wake up and do their share for our environment.

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