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Thursday, January 31, 2008


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I must have these. The hubby seemed interested too, so maybe I won't have to whine too much to get them!


I simply LOVE "The Goonies"! I even got my son hooked on it as soon as I thought it wouldn't give him nightmares.

One must realize that when one's generation begins to be targeted through these clever marketing campaigns to tap into our nostalgia ...

... we've become old.


I re-watched "The Goonies" at the Haus House about 4 years ago and was horrified/spellbound/mystified/highly entertained by the fact that I actually remembered plot specifics and phrases and Rowdy Roddy Piper. I still laughed at Chunk and still loved the whole lost treasure pirate ship concept.

It seemed to be one of the last shards of positive childhood movie memory for me before more pessimistic films like "Stand By Me" and "The Breakfast Club" began to grab my interest and enact their toll.


Hahaha! Haus House!

I'm easily amused...

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