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Thursday, January 14, 2010


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I believe that it is very hypocritical for the producers and host of The View to judge Heidi Montag on her plastic surgery operations, while having Joan Rivers enter the stage and not say a single comment about her countless plastic surgeries.

Linsey Maughan

Definitely! It's strange that they would criticize Montag's plastic surgery all the while knowing Joan Rivers was about to come out. And I wonder whether or not Rivers would have been willing to talk about plastic surgery on the show.


I just think it is dumb to have that many plastic surgeries.


I think it is every bodies individual right to modify their body to make them feel at peace within their own skin. If getting surgery helps one feel more confident and happier, than why should it matter to others. After all, it is not effecting you nor anybody else at all. Just the person undergoing the procedure.

Shelby Heitmeyer

I think it was really wrong to say those things about Heidi and critize her that way then have Joan on the show. She was one of the first women to have so much plastic surgery and then bring her on that episode of The View. Maybe they should have picked another day to talk to Joan.


It’s appalling that the media is acknowledging this topic . There are much larger issues to focus on right now, other than someone’s botched plastic surgery job. Heidi Montag is a self proclaimed “celebrity” and I’m quite confused to why we even speak about her anymore. “The Hills” has been over for some time now. Let her do as she pleases, she is no role model, she has no major films under her belt; she is an attention craving spoiled brat who has nothing but a MTV reality show to put on her resume. Maybe if her husband gave her the attention she is looking for, she wouldn’t have Whoopi Goldberg’s panties in a bunch. Stop wasting money on changing your appearance and invest in a personality. I hope she becomes the reason young girls love themselves. To stay in school, to get a real job, to realize that all looks and no brains will get you no where. I think a wise man once said "more money, more problems", when you can spend money on such ludicrous things, its too much money. Look up to someone who has done something more notable then have meltdowns on national TV.


I think it's really sad that Heidi, who looked just fine before her surgeries, found the need to alter her body that much. That being said, I do think it is strange that they brought Joan Rivers out right after criticizing Montag's surgeries, not approaching the topic with her.

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