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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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As a certified PC guy I can say that this is as underwhelming to me as most things Apple comes out with. Apple was an innovative company that has taken the same road Bose took in audio... they've simply become an over-hyped market machine that is more about image than content. But - they do have great commercials... as that great philosopher Aggasi said, "Image is everything..."

Nikki Lein

I personally think the iPad is cool but why would i need or even want it. This new invention does show that technology is changing but i wouldnt choose it to personally have with me. I can stick with the iPod touch because it is small and easy to carry around and the iPad is like a mini laptop.

Though i would not want to own one i still think it is overwhelming in the fact on how our technology has increased.

Linsey Maughan


As your fellow Apple fanatic in the newsroom, I thought you and I would agree on this. I am smitten with the iPad!

I've never used an iPhone or iPod Touch, so maybe that makes all of the iPad's features less familiar, and thus more intriguing, to me. But did you watch the video of the iPad on Apple.com? Amazing!


If I could get Microsoft Word on the iPad, I might be able to categorize this as a necessity for me.


Personally, I am not impressed by the invention of the iPad. If the iPod and the iPhone were not yet invented, I would think that it is pretty unique. However, since they have already been invented and have been out on the market for a couple years, I am not excited about it nor willing to go out and buy it. With my understanding of it, it is basically an over-sized iPod. I believe that it would be more wise to buy the iPhone, because you can do everything on it that you could on the iPad plus have a cellular phone with it.


I am not a big computer whiz but can manage the things I need it for. I do however think that the way technology changes so quickly it blows my mind the amount of money people spend to have the latest gadget, that within a few months will no longer be the "in" thing, pay to have. It just seems like a waste of money to me to pay these ridiculous amounts of money when especially now in the wake of the Haiti earthquake, people could put their money to better use than some technological toy.


I think the Ipad is a mediocre product, compared to Apple’s potential. Apple tries too hard to make releases frequent and although the idea is something to definitely work with; I think Apple could have produced a much more noteworthy product. I find the idea more appealing than the actual product. I can see where someone who is an Apple virgin could get giddy over the idea of the Ipad. However, one who has owned an Apple product prior to this new edition to the Apple family will recognize many features that are already available to them.

I say all of this, yet it will probably make it on my Christmas list this year.

Holly Johnston

The iPad seems all right...it just seems as if its a copy of all the other touch things that have come out. I think its even a step back, because it's huge! Very dissapionting.

Preston Smith

I think the ipad is cool, band the next step in technology. Although I do like the ipad I would never want one because I have no use for it.

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