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September 01, 2007


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Mark A Shrider

Well, they're probably not gnats. We were having a similar issue when it was really hot & humid. The bugs (looked like gnats) were mostly around the cat box which was on the back porch/laundry room area. My wife threw away the litter & cleaned the cat box with bleach along with the trash can & just about everything else she could think of. Terminix just came to check out the house after the rise in water we had in the basement to ensure we didn't have any new critters. He told me that the little pesky things were grain flies --- which probably came from the cat food. I'm not so sure he's right. Although, since moving the cat box & the extensive cleaning there has been a huge reduction in the little boogers. Oh, yeah - we also hung a bunch of those sticky fly traps - one in each room. All this seems to have helped. It also seems like the humidity played the biggest role in the bugs appearing in the first place. I've not seen any of the flying pests in a few days...soooo...hopefully all this worked.

Paula Gossman

Thanks for the insight Mark. I too noticed that the gnats seem to "appear" as the humidity worsened and we had the flooding and moisture all around us, including our basement. I have thoroughly cleaned everything in the kitchen as you suggested after I sprayed a little tiny bit of bug spray I had under the sink for my flowers outside. It said it'd kill stuff on contact...and it did seem to drop a few of em...LOL. I scoured up well afterward though and plan to maybe put a few of those strips around too, just to see if I can finish them up. Ugh...they are so annoying!

Stepford Wife

I also have a problem with them this time of year, and found out that they come from your sink traps. A natural solution that works for me is to place about a cup of white vinegar in a bowl with one or two drops of liquid dish soap. Stir it around a little and watch then flock into it. Vinegar is a vegetable, which they feed off of and are attracted to, however, when they make contact with the dish soap, it captures them and coats their wings - hence, they are trapped.

P.S. Thanks for the AWESOME BBQ bean recipe YUM-O-LISHOUS!!!!

Paula Gossman

I wondered if the sink trap was the culprit! I tried the vinegar thing but didn't have white vinegar, I used cider vinegar and some pomolive and a bit of water. The gnats just fly all around it but dont even land in it or even near it. Do you think its because I used cider instead of white vinegar? I totally understand the concept but it hasn't ever worked for me. As for the beans....I totally agree..BIG TIME Yummo! Glad you liked them!

Stepford Wife

I don't think that cider vinegar would matter, but it might.
What about this idea: I wonder if it would help trap the little buggers if you were to place Saran wrap tightly over the bowl (with the mixture inside) and make a dime sized hole in the top of it. I wonder if it would force the gnats to "explore" it instead of just flying around it, then causing them to go into the bowl but not be able to get out? Does that make sense?

P.S. - I'm trying the sour cream noodle bake tonight.

Paula Gossman

Well, I'm done messing with the vinegar. I've been keeping the traps covered and sure enough I've seen a huge reduction of gnat activity. In fact, I haven't seen any "new" gnats around since I did that. I think you're right...they were coming in through the sink. I'll continue to keep the traps covered and hopefully the little buggers will go away for good soon. Thanks for the great advice all.
Let me know how you like the Sour Cream Noodle Bake!

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