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December 24, 2008


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I think Christmas traditions are very important..One of my families Christmas traditions was to sit around the tree Christmas Eve and go around and say what we were thankful for and then me and my siblings would get to open a gift if we said two things we were thankful for. I miss being young!!!


Christmas time around my household brings many exuberant traditions. Every year my family eats Christmas Eve dinner together with my dad's side of the family. Early Christmas morning my sister wakes me up to open our gifts. After we open gifts we eat a family breakfast, and sit by the fire watching movies all day. Christmas is a wonderful holiday in which many traditions are shared.


As a child, around christmas was the best time of the year. On christmas eve my siblings brother, sister, and I all got to open one gift. My parents had told us that if we didnt go to bed early santa would not stop at our house. In the mornings the first one up would always wake up the rest of us. As we opened our gifts we would sit next to the fire and then sit down for a nice breakfast. Christmas is a time for loving and spending valuable time with my family.


I do believe christmas is one of the best holidays, filled with many traditions. In my household christmas eve we would always go to church. Once we would get home it was bed time, if i didn't fall asleep early then santa would never come! My parents were always doing things to try and keep me a believer. One time they actually threw bells on top of the roof by my bedroom, and I remember hearing it and getting all antsy. Christmas to me and my family is just a time to spend quality time relaxing. It is nice, especially now, since quality time with the family is so hard to make time for!


Oh to be young again! My fondest Christmas tradition was the search for the perfect tree. My parents, brothers, and I all had to be in agreement (which was a challenge in itself). I remember the excitement and anticipation on the drive home to get it in the house and decorated. The smell of the fresh pine while wrapping the lights and garland. Rediscovering ornaments, and hanging the newly crafted ones we made at school. Every year I would think we had the most beautiful tree. Traditions are what childhood memories are made of.

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