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March 30, 2009


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By housing any needy violence victims Open Arms provides a sense of hope for all the people who care about the victim. Personally, I know someone who went to Open Arms after several family problems and I was comforted knowing that she was safe there. One of the major issues she said that Open Arms encountered was the finances of providing for so many people. By raising money through this walk, they are not only helping their cause, but bringing families together as well.


I think this is a great event. Walking a mile in heels shows men how it feels to wear heels. But that is not the purpose of the event. Though this is a good fun way to get a very serious point across.


There are numerous events around the globe that are put on in order to accomplish a very serious goal. The goals that these various events reach are to are spectacular. And it's nice that people can find a fun, humerous way to support the event.


I think it is great that Findlay is able create these types of events. It creates awareness and offers help for those who have been victimized in the past. While it is a serious subject, it is nice that people can still have fun while being educated about such a dark subject matter.


When I first read this article, I had asked myself: "Are the participants having fun and being educated on the matter, or just simply having fun?"

I have never attended one of these events, though I would like to one day. But I have participated in the annual "30 hour famine" that my Church hosts every February. It's a very fun event, with music, worship, and activities. But we are also introduced to the seriousness of the event, particularly when doing volunteer work for the local soup kitchen.

So are these kinds of events just composed of people with fun in mind? Not at all. I would like to thank these people that participate in such events, and urge them to continue their efforts.


I think that making men part of the solution to this problem is a big step. Women tend to stick together on issues like this, but we rarely see the men supporting this problem. I think it is a great way to raise money because it is fun and a family event.


I agree. All of these events are a wonderful way to raise awareness, while also having an enjoyable time.


This sounds like a fun and original way to raise awareness of abused women. I appreciate that these men are participating in this event. Still, I can't help chuckling thinking of these men walking in high heels.


These events are a good way to raise awareness for grim causes but often lack publicity. Before reading the article I did not know there was a fundraising event planned in April. The first step in preventing abuse is raising awareness and informing the public of upcoming events.


I absolutely love the idea that men will wear the four inch heels to raise awareness of sexual violence. I think it is a very creative way to help a cause. I had no clue that they even had such events. It should be an entertaining event to see, i'm excited.


I think this event is a great idea. Any guy who does this event while wearing heels is truly a man. I think it is a smart and creative event. In order to get the point across, both genders need to stand up against rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. It can be done if both genders work as a team.


Woo-hoo! I just got asked to judge the Findlay walk. "Best legs" and "best strut." Oh, yeah.


I think this event is also a great idea. Not only are the men out there helping the fundraiser for open arms domestic violence and rape crisis services but they are experiencing the difficulties women have in walking in high heels.


I think this event is a great idea! It is fun while raising awareness for a very serious act, sexual violence. I appreciate the men who are taking part in this event, women who have been abused or people who know others who have been abused may be able to take a little comfort in knowing there are men out there willing to stand up for them. I hope this event carries on for many more years!


I'm just glad we live in a society where people are willing to take time out of their lifes to help make the place just abit better.


Events like this warm my heart. Having a good time while also having a purpose is wonderful.I think it is great that men take the time to raise awareness about sexual assult and domestic violence.


I think it's great that men would walk a mile in high heels. It shows they care, and it will get a good point across.

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