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February 04, 2010


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It's noteworthy that Thomas remains a believer who still finds strength in his faith. Which encourages me to believe that, in the end, human interepation can turn the loveliest theology dark, or the darkest theology light: it has more to do with who you are than the doctrine itself, or lack thereof. So great joy can be found in faith, or great sorrow; you can be a surly atheist or a generous atheist, it's entirely about who you are. The ancient, human desire to one-up your neighbor really does run wild when it comes to religion. If some people are getting to heaven and others aren't; if some people were chosen and others weren't; if some people are saints and others aren't; if some people are on the side of God, somebody else is not...And trouble of the cannon-shooting and cymbol-clashing variety seems pretty inevitable.

But, on a personal note, this is also why I do not believe in sweeping, myopic evangelism. Widespread pressure to "believe" can create masses of people who pretend to believe, but are really just conforming to a social structure that happens to include the framework of religion. That can make it extremely easy to turn religion into an engine for social control rather than a resource for spiritual growth and enrichment. This is what has not only happened in the American South, but just about everywhere else on the planet at some time. Atheism would be a countercultural breath of fresh air that would give you the freedom to follow your conscience rather than someone else's doctrine.




Well said Michelle.

mr loser

Michelle's right as is the blog post. When one looks at history, it's quite easy to make a convincing argument that organized religion, not spirituality, has done much more harm than good for humanity. "I reject any religions doctrine than does not appeal to reason and is in conflict with morality," Gandhi.

angel 19

We must understand that it’s the way one is brought up. To have respect for others , many are taught to respect our elders, and not others. I believe this is still a problem, however maybe getting worse; may kids don’t even respect their parents let alone anyone else.


I hope this comment does not tear down Christians. To be christian is to be Christ-like, and Christ was not discriminatory. Just because someone calls themselves a christian doesn't mean they are. I'm a christian but don't believe in the same traditions as a catholic or a pentecostal. I don't like how people categorize these different religions as all "christian". If someone or some group is not trying to live there life Christ-like can not call themselves christian, and discriminating against black people is not Christ-like.

concerned citizen

This story is very moving, it is just nice to know that there are good people out there you just have to know where to look.

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