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March 31, 2010


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I think that sometimes people take science a little to far. Like was said, sometimes we don't need to know everything. I could see where people would be concerned about the loss of faith, but then again it could make it stronger. The fact that people could actually figure out how the universe started and maybe develop more down the road in time is a scary thought, what if they don't do something right and it is the end of the universe for tampering with it.


My version of the "big bang " theory is this: God Spoke and Bang it happened! It's so simple.


These types of scientific events make me wonder how and who thought to try this at first, and how they knew how to go about it. Even with years of trial and error, who says they have any idea of what it is their doing, and who if anyone, could say with any certainty if it worked or not? I do believe in and trust most science but there are many questions that need to be asked and I hope someone smarter than me asks them.

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