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April 29, 2008


Tom Fortino

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Josh M

Psycho T flies for a swim!

Josh M

Great move by Psycho T. He's definitely my favorite player and we get to see him another year at UNC. I don't know if they'll win a title or not but they'll be tough.

B.J. Mullens is the early pick as number one in the 2009 draft. He'd probably be the number one pick this year, if not for the new rule (remember that Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose, O.J. Mayo and Kevin Love would've been in the NBA last year without the rule). Mullens will be an instant starter and contributer and in my opinion, much better than Kosta Koufos.


Two and possibly three of his underclassmen teammates have declared for the draft, although they have not signed agents. It will be tough for NC to win an NCAA title with those guys gone.
If he rips his knee up next year, he'll get criticized for not going pro.

He's fun to watch and from the old-school of hustle. I'm glad he's coming back.


Being down here in NC, we've been watching him play since he got to UNC. He is someone worth going ga ga over. His work ethic is 2nd to none. We're happy he decided to stay and graduate so we can watch him one more year. Having said all that, the driving force behind these decisions about going pro is of course money. His dad is an orthopeadic surgeon, so he isn't hurting in that department and no doubt that had an influence in his decision. Most of the analysts agree with the other persons comment, in that waiting another year probably isn't going to help him all that much in the draft. I hope he stays healthy. He is so fun to watch.

C'mon Brian, let's not get to Ga Ga over Hansborough. My guess is he's talked been projected as a late first round/ second round pick and staying in college another year may help his draft position. Yes, he's a wonderful college player but where do you see him at the next level? He's 6'9, so he's going to be a small power forward who does not shoot particularly well from outside 10 feet. I see a Christian Laettner type career for him.

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