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June 15, 2010


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After a quick warm-up Rommel paired us up and walked through the program of 6 exercises/stations on the whiteboard. A quick blow of the whistle and everyone hustled through the 40 second interval at their first station which varied from chest presses to jump squats to bear crawls and even pushing/pulling the weighted 'sled' the length of the warehouse building. When the whistle blew again we had a few seconds to ready ourselves and get weights for the next station. We kept rotating stations every 40 seconds so the movements were pretty varied and quick-paced. We used all sorts of equipment including kettleballs, the physioball and the BOSU for different parts of our workout. The last 5-10 minutes were spent on floor exerasdfcises that we all did together such as sit ups and plank-positioned challenges. I've heard that when weather permits, this class is brought outside and incorporates short runs and obstacle courses which sounds really fun too!

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