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June 28, 2010


Cheap Football Cleats

Baseball, either you are a professional at the major or minor league level getting paid to play or you are not. In football, you play in the NFL or one of the arena leagues and get paid. You are a professional. If you don’t get paid you aren’t.

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He has said he loves Cleveland and that it has in an edge in free agency. But he has to say those things.


I still think when it's all said and one, LeBron will be in Cleveland. I don't think he has any better chance of winning in Chicago, Miami, New Jersey or anywhere else. The Cavs ran into a hot Boston team in the playoffs last year, plain and simple.

Joe Hochstettler

Is this a play on words? RESIGN means to give up your job. RE-SIGN means to renew a contract.

If LeBron won't "resign" then isn't it fair to assume he will "re-sign"?

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