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June 16, 2010


Beats by Dre

Right now Vanlue has 19 high school players and 16 at the middle school level.

OBEY Snapback

He replaces Robin Cooper, who led the Wildcats to a 1-9 record last season


baker you are right.i will play nice.


OK boys play nice or I'm cutting you off.
Let's all let bygones be bygones shall we?


go Panthers mr. 3 degree must have majored in seem to have excelled in bs


Nope, 3 college degrees and a mouth full of teeth. You're from McComb, so the odds are in your favor of no teeth and 2 couches on your porch.......


Oh and by the way buckeye banzai,go PANTHERS!!


Hey Buckeye,

im just glad to have teeth. i am betting you are missiing a mouth full.


Hey McC4,

I love how you come on here and bash every school that hires/fires a coach. You're the reason I hope the Panthers get their teeth kicked in every Fri night. Just because you haven't heard of someone doesn't make them an "easy win". Moron......


never heard of him.another nobody hire.easy win for the panthers.

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