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July 07, 2010


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Even though I am a Cleveland sports fan (with the Cavs being the last team on my favorites list), at this point I don’t care where LeBron James will sign Thursday.

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The network speculated about Lebron James as much as they covered what is considered by most to be the premier basketball event in the world, the NBA Finals.

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Mor havde ret, da jeg opdagede efter sin eksamen fra college i 1932. Jeg havde besluttet at prøve et job i radio, så arbejde mig op til sport speakeren. Jeg blaffede til Chicago og bankede på døren til hver station - og fik slået ned hver gang.

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Youre zo geweldig, man! Ik kan niet geloven dat ik miste deze blog zo lang. Het is gewoon leuke dingen rondom. Uw ontwerp, man ... ook geweldig! Ik kan niet wachten om te lezen wat youve volgende kreeg. Ik hou van alles wat youre zeggen en willen meer, meer, MEER! Ga zo door, man! Het is gewoon te goed.

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But I think the main reason is that most of ESPN’s programming outside of live events has taken a huge nosedive in the wrong direction.

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Vous n'avez pas l'adorer, mais de reconnaître, au moins, qu'il a accompli beaucoup de choses.

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I have to admit I could really care less about ESPN most of the time other than when my favorite team is playing or there is a college football or basketball game on the network.


This whole thing is ridiculous, I mean, a prime time TV show to announce your free agency plans. This guys ego is bigger than his salary. And the media is just as bad as he is for covering it like they have. He is just another NBA player who thinks he is the G.O.A.T. What's next...a prime time show to cover Favre when he announces whether he is really retiring!



You don't have to worship him but recognize, at least, that he has accomplished a lot.

2 MVPs. Brought Cavs from no one to someone, etc.

Unfortunately, he just hasn't gotten that 1 key player that they've been trying for.

Oh well, I cheer for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back.

Good luck James wherever you go.


Lebron has accomplished nothing but having a huge ego! Go and good riddance!

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