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No recent updates for the Girls BVC?

Susan B

Why isn't the "Download Prep bkb standings" updated anymore? It hasn't been updated since 1-8-2010.


Sorry the GBC doesn't keep blocked shots as a stat. And I don't have time to run down every basketball stat.

rob gettys

Please update the Findlay Boys Basketball Stats with blocks as well please


What 2 games are missing from the Bellevue stats?


It just depends on the league statistician. The NOL and the NCC track blocks. Others don't because typically there aren't that many blocked shots in high school (except on the occassion that there is an outstanding true big guy playing and then that it's usually that guy and no one else accumulating a decent number of blocks).


I think The Courier only can report what they are given, & I don't believe any area conferences report Blocked Shots in their stats. It is reported at the college level though.

rob gettys

I noticed you don't have blocked shots as a stat.

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