> 2008 New York Comic Con

Clark just can't get a day off
Pay attention now...
Stan Lee
Man of Steel
It's a bird, it's a plane...
Exhibition Floor 1
Exhibition Floor 2
Buddy Christ
Neil Adams
Riddle me this
Captain America
Comic crowd
"Batman" Movie Props
"Batman Returns" Penguin outfit
Don't stick your tongue out at me!
Quake time!
Smile, Robin
"What'd you say about my momma?!"
Uh, I think the rebels are over there...
"Don't move, rebel scum!"
The Joker takes a holiday
I believe in Harvey Dent
"Poison Ivy, I choose YOU!"
Come take your medicine
Who you gonna' call?
Shoulder to shoulder
The Dark Knight
Proton pack in a crowd
Feelin' super!
How enchanting
Riddled with villainy
Double trouble
Welcome to Comic Con!
A webslinger joins one of the beetles
One, two, three times the trouble
Take our advice, kid...
This booth was the Dark Horse
Trio of heroes
A booth to Marvel at
Get "Lost"
The stakes are high
DC's super booth
The Alex Ross booth
Good ole' Archie
A statuesque photo