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January 20, 2010


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Concerned Citizen

I am a waitress at a restaurant in Findlay, oh if only people knew what all we deal with on a daily basis! This job is not all that hard but what no one knows is that, at least at the restaurant I am employeed at, we get screamed at in the kitchen. Now tell me how this is supposed to make me want to be nice when I exit the kitchen? It is hard to keep a smile sometimes getting yelled at by managers in the back and never getting a nice word out of them, just think about all that your waiter or waitress may be going through while they are not at your table! I do well at my job and can keep a positive attitude but I cannot say the same for my fellow employees. Please tip your server:)


I have been a waitress for 7 years now and people really need to understand that a lot of the mistakes that come with the food are made from the cooks not from the servers. I have only worked in small family restaurants and the cooks don't pay attention to what they are reading they just glance at the ticket and assume it is made regular, they don't pay much attention to the special notes on the order. As a server and waiting on many tables it hard to remember everything that is ordered and how it was ordered. So people need to realize that yes some times it is the servers mistake but a lot of the time its the cooks mistake, so don't be mean to your server just because something isn't right, KINDLY ask your server to have the cooks remake it or fix what was wrong. And as for people leaving tips, I hate when people have good service and think they don't need to tip their server, do they not realize that is how we make our living is by our tips, yes i understand sometimes you don't get 100% of our attention but its not because we're ignoring you it is because we're busy and trying to keep up with everyone and we try our HARDEST to make sure you are satisfied not only with your food but with your service too. So please remember when you're at a restaurant that if you don't get 100% of the servers attention its no reason not to tip them. Something is better than nothing. We have to make a living too.

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